At Spotted, we have created a business to meet a specific need in the market, so we understand the mindset of entrepreneurs and the challenges they are facing. Startup founders have a vision they want to turn into a reality, and it is the vision of Spotted Recruit to support that process every step of the way.

Our story

Spotted Recruit, the permanent recruitment arm of Spotted K.K., was launched in 2016. At the time, no other recruitment firm in Japan was focused on supporting tech startups — they were seen as too risky and too challenging to support.

But we looked beyond the risks, embraced the challenges, and became successful pioneers in this field because we saw the overriding benefits: these companies are entrepreneurial, fast-moving, flexible, and offer rewarding careers.

Our strengths

Spotted Recruit has become a market leader in the tech startup recruitment and consulting space. We have placed hundreds of qualified candidates in permanent positions, including CxO, Engineering, Design, and Sales professionals.

With a strong track record, extensive market knowledge, and consistently reliable service, tech and finance firms of all sizes now come to us to provide solutions for their recruitment needs, no matter how challenging.

Our staff

Our team of experienced bilingual consultants — the largest in Japan’s recruitment market within the tech startup sector — are committed to working closely with each of our clients to meet their individual needs.

They give companies a clear understanding of current market conditions, advise on how businesses can become more attractive to qualified talent, and secure the right people for the positions that need to be filled. Everyone on our diverse, multicultural team shares the same values. We believe in providing the highest quality service, going above and beyond to ensure even the most challenging positions are filled, and helping Spotted Recruit to become the best company for tech and finance recruitment in Japan.

Corporate information

Company name


Recruitment license number



April 2017


5,000,000 JPY

Chief Executive Officer

Diego Utiyama

Primary business

Permanent Recruitment
HR Consulting
Software Development

Number of employees

17 (as of April 2021)


6F The Royal Bldg, 3-8-7 Irifune, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0042
Tel 03-6869-4800


Tokyo City Shinkin Bank
Rakuten Bank